In 2008 I was operating over 150 end dumps, hauling some of the most difficult things to unload. Scrap metal, aluminum dross, demolition debris and many things that are a challenge to dump safely. Even with an extensive driver training program, dispatchers continuously reminding the drivers before dumping each load to, pay attention and don’t dump where its not safe. Even with all of this we tipped them over. Most of the tip overs were from my most experienced drivers. We all have experienced times when we thought, gees better not try that again. I recognized that we as humans simply can not react and judge what is safe every single second everytime. Also, there is no way to know if the load is going to stick. I wanted to protect my drivers, without them, I had no fleet. I found in my research that all the other systems only warned the driver to stop or change directions, this takes 2 to 3 seconds of time. Some systems stop the unit from going up farther and required the driver to make a decision to lower the body or continue, but none took control by automatically lowering this dangerous situation that happens in seconds. I also noticed that most systems were mounted to the trailer axles. Having over 1 million miles of driving myself and dumping maybe 30,000 times over my career, I realized that axle was the last point of movement. I found that mounting the sensor directly to the body was the fastest way to get accurate and fast data on what needed to be done ASAP. With over 700 units in the market we have proven that this patented design works and stops tip overs even if the load freezes. My sensor monitors the angles 100 times per second. We stop tip overs. Call today and let us get you protected from any future tip overs.