The only true anti-tipping safety device, NOT a warning system.

View our presentation to learn more

View our presentation to learn more

Protect your operators and drivers with a complete Anti-Tip Kit!

Introducing the ultimate solution to eliminate end dump tip-overs!

Our groundbreaking anti tip innovation not only resolves the issue of end dump tip-overs, but also empowers you to effortlessly onboard skilled drivers, whether they have minimal or no prior experience in operating end dumps. Elevate your operations with the only genuine answer to preventing and halting end dump tipping accidents.

Know When You’re Pushing the Limits

It All Happens in 5 Seconds Or less

What Happens When the Load Sticks

Order a Complete Anti-Tip Kit

How it Works

Our innovative solution guarantees to prevent tip-overs, even in the challenging scenario of a frozen load. Equipped with a cutting-edge sensor that monitors angles at an impressive rate of 100 times per second, we assure you unparalleled safety. Don’t wait – contact us today and let us secure you from any potential tip-over risks in the future.

Frameless Dump Trucks

Roll Off Dump Trucks

Frame Type Dump Trucks

Order a Complete Anti-Tip Kit

Compatible with Off-Road Trucks and ADT Bed Systems

Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) are a commonly used piece of equipment in quarries as an alternative to Rigid Dump Trucks. These type of trucks may have an unwarranted reputation for tipping over and in the view of some plant operators they are designed to tip over. This is simply untrue. Any ADT overturn incident, even if does not directly lead to personal injury, will cause unnecessary business disruption, create machinery repair cost and can put others at risk during the recovery operations.

Off-Road Trucks

ADT Bed System

ADT Reverse Backup Protection System

Order a Complete Anti-Tip Kit

Compatible with Tri-Axles, Quads & Multi Axles

ADT Bed System