Our History

In 2008, I managed a fleet of over 150 end dumps, transporting challenging materials such as scrap metal, aluminum dross, and demolition debris – items notorious for being difficult to unload safely. Despite implementing an extensive driver training program and dispatchers consistently emphasizing safety measures before each dump, incidents of tipping over persisted. Interestingly, the majority of these incidents involved my most experienced drivers.

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered situations where, despite the best intentions and training, one hesitates and thinks twice about attempting certain maneuvers again. It became evident that expecting flawless, real-time judgment from humans in every single second is impractical. Additionally, the uncertainty of whether the load would stick added another layer of complexity. Recognizing that the safety of my drivers was paramount to the success of my fleet, I embarked on a comprehensive research journey.

My investigation revealed that existing systems merely issued warnings to drivers, requiring crucial 2 to 3 seconds of decision-making time. While some systems halted the unit’s upward movement, prompting the driver to decide whether to lower the body or continue, none took control by automatically rectifying the potentially hazardous situation within seconds. Notably, I observed that most systems were mounted to the trailer axles. Drawing on my extensive driving experience of over 1 million miles and approximately 30,000 dumps, I realized that the axle was the final point of movement.

Innovatively, I designed a system that directly mounted the sensor to the body, providing the fastest and most accurate data on the necessary actions. With over 700 units successfully deployed in the market, our patented design has proven to be effective in preventing tip overs, even in situations where the load freezes. Our sensor diligently monitors angles 100 times per second, offering unparalleled protection. Don’t wait for a potential tipping incident – call us today and let us ensure your protection against any future tip overs.