Optional Programs & Controls

Optional HMI IN-CAB Info & Wifi Warnings to Your Safety Team

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Data Requirements for Monitoring Truck Safety

Subscriptions for Wireless Alerts to your Safety Department

With our exclusive monthly subscription option, we extend to you the invaluable service of receiving real-time text alerts. These alerts promptly inform you in the event of inadvertent disarming of the system by the driver or operator immediately upon system power-up. Furthermore, our sophisticated system is designed to provide instant notifications to your designated personnel should the system cease functioning for any reason.

These meticulously timed real-time alerts serve as an unequivocal assurance for the safety and security of your personnel, customers, and equipment, ensuring a vigilant shield 24/7. By choosing our subscription, you are making a conscious commitment to the unwavering safety of your people and the uninterrupted functionality of your business, all while mitigating unnecessary risks. Trust us to keep your people secure and your business operational with our cutting-edge alert system.

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