How Can I Justify the Cost?

My cost of insurance went up every year. I was in your business for more than 35 years, and I had 150 end dumps. The average cost of insurance per month, per unit, would have paid for one of these systems, but it didn’t exist then. Sure, there have been warning devices that depended on the driver to react. What I have designed is truly a Safety System that takes control automatically, just like ABS Brakes, Air Bags in your car, and Traction Control. My system is not a warning device; it takes control and eliminates human mistakes.

I, like many of you, not only witnessed but have also been a part of the advancing technology over the past 40 years. For example, aluminum end dumps: we thought, how will we ever justify paying $1,000 per foot for a dump trailer? It was obvious that the weight savings was a benefit, so we started buying all aluminum end dumps.

Then along came air ride, disc wheels, ABS Brakes that reduced rear-end crashes, bed liners for $3,500 even reduced tip-overs but don’t stop them all because many trailers tip over before the third stage. They all added real value to the operation by reducing lost work and accident costs. It took a while, but we all slowly got on board with these huge benefits.

Now, after 40 years of innovation, I bring you the only real solution to preventing and stopping all types of end dumps from tip-overs. It not only fixes this problem, but it also allows you to hire good experienced drivers with little or no experience operating end dumps. This will open a whole new market of drivers or operators that are looking to get off the road or advance in their jobs.

The cost of the system is less than 1% of a new tractor-trailer, and with just one or two months’ premium discount from your insurer, it will benefit not only the safety of your drivers and operators but also the customer, your investment, and almost eliminates tip-over claims resulting in millions of dollars in savings… not to mention saving someone’s life. So, don’t be afraid to push your insurance provider for some help. Most won’t do anything until you have them installed. But keep pushing; they stand to benefit the most.

An old man told me a long time ago: study long… study wrong… So, let’s do a test before you get another call from a driver or operator, saying, sorry boss I just tipped over your truck… Because this system really works.

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